The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) TSHWANE, is currently experiencing severe financial difficulties and will have to downscale considerably, within a matter of days, if it does not receive emergency funding.

Notwithstanding prudent financial management, no debt, ongoing fundraising initiatives, and clean audited financial statements every year, SPCA TSHWANE has been experiencing year-on-year decline in financial support as charitable giving suffers in tough economic times. “We are desperately looking for alternative sources of fundraising income, as our continued existence becomes more and more uncertain every day” says Jacqui Grove, Chairperson of the SPCA TSHWANE Management Committee.

The Society does not receive any funding from the government.

“Over the last couple years we have invested in a number of key projects aimed at creating a steady non-donation
dependent income stream for our Society and to help us to become more self-sufficient, however, realising the benefits of these projects takes a little time, and while the projects mature our ever-increasing month-to-month operational costs must be borne by the Society, this, coupled with less and less donation income, has now depleted our resources and are in urgent need of funds, otherwise we face severe downscaling of the Society’s operations. This is most disappointing for us and more so for the abused and neglected animals of Tshwane as we are convinced that our current financial challenges can be overcome and we believe in the future financial viability of our Society.” says

For months the SPCA TSHWANE has been trying to secure funding through a loan or significant donation to alleviate its short-term cash constraints, however all attempts have been fruitless. Grove says that SPCA TSHWANE is now more than ever reliant on the goodwill and donations of the public to assist the Society in fulfilling its mandate and keeping their operations and facilities functional.

The SPCA TSHWANE is urgently appealing to the public to assist us by making a once-off or recurring donation. Donations can be done securely online at or directly into the SPCA TSHWANE account:

First National Bank
Current Account: 56160007452
Branch code: 261550

SPCA Tshwane is a registered Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A status and all bona fide donations qualify for a tax certificate and can be deducted from the donor’s taxable income.

For the past financial year, the SPCA TSHWANE Inspectorate responded close to 1600 cruelty complaints, issued over 450 warnings, and conducted over 1 460 on-site
pro-active investigations, routine inspections and home-checks.  The operational, kennel and veterinary units
ensured that 1 050 animals were rehomed, and close to 170 stray animals were reunited with their owners.

The Society also sterilised 1 388 animals, vaccinated 2 067 animals, and provided
veterinary treatment to 1 018 animals, which includes many animals from
underprivileged communities, through sterilisation and outreach initiatives – attending to over 35 400 animals. “If we close or doors, the animals of Tshwane will
suffer” says Grove.

Please contact your nearest SPCA TSHWANE branch for more information.

 Waltloo Branch – Tel: 0128035219 / 0834533863 after-hours

 Centurion Branch – Tel: 0126645644 / 0828075671 after-hours

Email address for general enquiries:

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