The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) TSHWANE, has recently taken in a stray dog after it has been spotted by a member of the public. The dog was dragging part of his hind leg behind him, only attached by some skin – presumably been bitten off by another dog.

On 3 October 2019, a member of the public, reported to the SPCA TSHWANE, that a medium size, light coloured stray dog, was seen in the Erasmia area, Pretoria.

SPCA TSHWANE Inspector, Diale Ratsela, was tasked immediately to collect the dog.  He found the dog, but the dog was bewildered, and even after various attempts, he couldn’t catch the dog.  A much bigger effort was needed, with more staff required to go back to the scene, to assist with the catching of the dog.

Late that afternoon, a passer-by, Mr Leon Fourie, was on his way to his flat, in the same area, when he saw the dog in the street.  The poor dog was painfully hobbling along on three legs, still dragging part of his hind leg behind

The dog looked lost and bewildered, and could have been a stray from Laudium or Valhalla.  Mr Fourie drives a motorcycle, and could therefore not take the dog with him, but immediately put plans in place to rescue this
poor dog.

“I searched on Goggle for animal rescue organisations to assist, and came across a Mayday WhatsApp group for advice, with contact details of Mrs Celia van Zyl, who assisted via her networks. Immediately, the dog’s plight started resonating through a huge local network of animal lovers, sending out calls for help” says Mr Fourie.

The injured dog’s plight spread like a wildfire, with more rescue organisations coming on board – all with one mission – to assist the Society with the rescue attempt of this dog.  Mrs Van Zyl monitored the information received on the networks. The day progressed, but with rescuers not being able to find the dog, and failed attempts to catch him.

Roundabout 5pm, a call confirmed that he was seen again, but without the dangling, painful lower limb… he was still out there, all alone and in pain!

“Renewed rescue attempts on Friday, 4 Oct 2019, painted a picture of a very friendly stray boy that had the misfortune of being bitten by another dog.  A final attempt late on Friday afternoon, brought the dog safely to the SPCA TSHWANE (Waltloo Branch)” said Mrs Van Zyl.

The dog, received immediate medical attention, on arrival at the Society. Early the next morning, he was taken to the Centurion Branch Clinic, where a Veterinarian assisted to stabilise him.

The dog is now named Leo, after Mr Leon Fourie, who went through much trouble to assist him.

“It was decided that it would be in the best interest of Leo, to amputate his leg, as the leg was injured badly”, said Dr Marianna Berg, Veterinarian at the Waltloo Branch of the SPCA TSHWANE, who conducted the operation. She also gave him strong pain medication before the operation, and confirmed that at least now after the surgery, Leo has no more pain.

The medical expenses for Leo’s leg amputation totals to R20 000.00. The Society urges the public to please assist with funds to cover for medical and rehabilitation costs, as we are not government funded, and therefore solely rely on the public’s goodwill.

Leo’s rescue bears testimony that the SPCA TSHWANE will never turn any animal away, but assist and take them all in, regardless of our critical financial situation.

Notwithstanding all the challenges, the Society will continue to deliver on its mission, which is to prevent cruelty to, and exploitation of all animals. This is achieved by proactively promoting animal welfare, and enforcing animal protection legislation.

The Society endeavours to maintain a high profile within the community through visibility and interaction, by deploying competent personnel who project enthusiasm and commitment, supported by education and community outreach programmes, while rendering a service that is professional, efficient and accessible to all Tshwane’s residents.

The SPCA TSHWANE would like to thank all the goodhearted citizens, for their effort, in helping to rescue Leo” says Elsa Daniels, spokesperson for SPCA TSHWANE.  “You are most welcome to visit him, at the Waltloo Branch, and don’t forget to bring a doggie treat with!  We will update you regularly on Leo’s progress. ” she said.

Please contact your nearest SPCA TSHWANE branch for more information.

Waltloo Branch – Tel: 0128035219 / 0834533863 after-hours

Centurion Branch – Tel: 0126645644 / 0828075671 after-hours

Email address for general enquiries:

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