Owing to a large number of animals, and specifically stray and surrendered dogs that were taken in over the last few months, we have been battling a serious Canine Distemper outbreak at our Waltloo branch.

Distemper is a serious airborne virus that spreads rapidly among dogs. The disease also has an incubation period and symptoms often take time to manifest. Dogs may initially appear healthy, only to become sick later. Vaccination is the only way to prevent this disease however the Society takes in all animals with no guarantee that these animals were vaccinated prior to surrender.

As a result of the outbreak safety measures had to be put in place. One of these included the suspension of our Adoption service in order to quarantine the premises and prevent the decease to spread.

The situation was closely monitored by our kennel and veterinary personnel; healthy animals were vaccinated before they were moved to our Adoption kennels. Here they underwent further monitoring for an extended period to ensure they remain decease-free and we are thrilled to announce that the suspension of our Adoption services has now been lifted.

We urge the public to contact their nearest SPCA Tshwane branch and give one of these adoption dogs a chance at a forever home. As a general precaution, we also urge the public to ensure their pets’ vaccinations remain up to date.

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